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Before people become parents, they often dream of the fun they’ll have planning their children’s birthday parties. After becoming parents, they might have nightmares of how they’ll keep a large group of children from starting a mutiny in their homes. As a Grand Rapids party rental company, we understand that you want to plan a fun birthday party for your child at a reasonable price.

While an inflatable bounce house is an added expense, it can be well worth it if it keeps the kiddies entertained. These are 4 reasons you should consider an inflatable bouncy castle rental for your kid’s birthday party.

Kids Love Them

Trust us when we say nothing attracts a child’s attention more than a humongous bouncy castle. In fact, don’t be surprised to see children tug on their parents to go into the bounce castle as soon as they lay eyes on it.

As a bonus, many bouncy castles feature slides or even water slides. If you are celebrating a summer birthday, you may be interested in renting an inflatable water slide. Not only do water slide bounce house rentalskeep kids entertained, but they also help them stay cool. Just make sure you have an adult supervising the bounce house at all times.

While we know you love your kids, it can get exhausting having to entertain Junior and his 20 friends. Blow-up bouncy castles provide the kiddies with an outlet that will hopefully tire them out while you help yourself to that second slice of pizza.

You Can Match Your Theme

Do you have a daughter that is absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses? Good news. You can probably find a pink bouncy castle for your little princess and her guests. Nowadays, rental bouncy castles come in a wide variety of themes which include everything from medieval to tropical. A professional party rental company can help you find the right themed bouncy castle for your kid’s upcoming birthday party.

They’re Entertaining for Boys and Girls

If your child has invited boys and girls to their party, you may have a hard time trying to come up with activities that will appeal to everyone. Instead of coming up with separate activities for the boys and girls, you may want to consider renting an inflatable bouncy castle. Bouncy houses appeal to all children and are a great way to waste time between opening the presents and waiting for the parents to pick up your child’s guests.

You Can Leave the Mess Outside

Let’s be honest. Children are messy. Would you rather have them wipe their greasy pizza fingers on your couch or contain the mess to your backyard? Simply place some garbage containers around your yard and you are all set. Who cares if little Jimmy drops his pizza slice on the lawn? It’s better than having to clean up sauce stains from your carpet later. As far as you’re concerned, dropped food equals more fertilizer for your lawn.

If you are interested in our inflatable bounce house rentals, please feel free to give our Grand Rapids party rental experts a call at (616) 454-7982. Sun Rentals is proud to offer parents a wide variety of rental bouncy castles for children’s birthday parties.