5 Must-Have Party Rentals for Halloween Grand Rapids, MI

Planning a children’s Halloween party is ambitious (and brave). Nothing is scarier than having to keep 20-plus kids entertained once they’ve devoured fistfuls of candy. Fortunately, we have all the Halloween party rentals you need to make the other parents jealous. Likewise, if you’re planning a Halloween party for adults, we can help you make your event the talk of the season. In our opinion, it’s never too early to start prepping for Halloween.

Halloween Party Rentals

Renting vs. Buying

Who has space to store all the Halloween decorations and party supplies you’ll need? We do. Renting is so much more convenient than buying because you won’t have to worry about where to store that fog machine you only use one day out of the year. Instead, you’ll be able to choose from our latest party rentals that are always kept in good condition.

Fog Machine

The humble fog machine can transform your living room or front yard into a spooky graveyard. Just make sure you place it in the corner so you and your guests don’t trip over it. Our fog machine rental works by pumping liquid “fog” into a heat exchanger where it’s vaporized.


It’s not a Halloween party unless you have a contest for best costume. We recommend having the crowd choose best costume by having people walk across a stage and having the audience cheer for who they like best. The person with the loudest cheers wins.

Sound System

Only lame people don’t play Monster Mash or Michael Jackson’s Thriller at their Halloween parties. Fortunately, our sound system rental is perfect for honoring the Halloween classics. We can get you set up with the speakers and other equipment you’ll need to throw an epic party.

Concession Equipment

If you plan on inviting a lot of guests, consider renting concession equipment. For example, food warmers prevent food from getting cold while party-goers are out on the dance floor. A cotton candy machine rental or popcorn machine rental can also be fitting for a haunted carnival theme (or if you’re just hungry).

Our food and beverage rentals include:

  • Food warmers
  • Beverage coolers
  • Slushie/ margarita machine
  • Hot dog steamer
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Popcorn machine

Bouncy Castle

Nothing attracts a child’s attention more than an inflatable bouncy castle in your backyard. If you’re brave enough to throw a Halloween party for your kid and their 20 friends, we can’t recommend a bounce house enough. Jumping on a bouncy castle will help tire out the little ones so they’re easier to watch. Just make sure you have an adult standing by the bouncy castle at all times to supervise.

If you’re planning to rent a bounce house, make sure you mention it on the invitation so parents can dress their children warmly for being outside. A bounce house can help keep your child’s guests entertained until their parents arrive to pick them up.

Sun Rentals in Grand Rapids has all the Halloween party supplies you need, from portable dance floors to table and chair rentals. To learn more about our party rentals, call (616) 454-8900.