If the scratches in your hardwood flooring go all the way down to the wood, you may need to sand your hardwood floors. However, before renting the equipment you need from a reputable floor sanding equipment rental company, make sure the issue can’t be resolved with less drastic measures such as scruff-sanding your floors with a buffer or only fixing the small areas that are damaged.

If you have determined that hardwood floor sanding is necessary, you can improve the appearance of your hardwood floors in one weekend. Below, we list the equipment you’ll need to rent for a floor sanding project. Make sure that you purchase the correct type of specialty sandpaper for each sander.

Equipment needed for a floor sanding project:

  • Floor drum sander
  • Corner sander
  • Edge sander
  • Shop vacuum

You’ll also need other tools such as a broom, sandpaper, cloth, and wood finish to give your hardwood floors that polished gleam.

Floor Drum Sander

Just like the name suggests, a floor drum sander is a drum wrapped in sandpaper. The drum rotates at high speeds to remove the topmost layer of your hardwood flooring. Since floor drum sanders are powerful machines, you’ll want to check with your local tool and equipment rental company to see if they even carry them. Most don’t.

If this is your first time using a floor drum sander, we also recommend you ask the employees at the rental company to put on the first sandpaper sheet so that you’ll know how to do it by yourself once you get home.

The floor drum sander will be the first sander you’ll use for this project. Once you start the machine, you will begin making diagonal passes across your hardwood floor. To avoid causing damage, don’t get too close to walls, doors, radiators, or wood trim. You will have other tools to sand these areas.

Edge Sander

The edge sander is used to sand the areas by the walls you purposefully missed with the floor drum sander. When using your edge sander, make sure no dirt gets under the sandpaper and that you are sanding in a way that complies with the manufacturer’s instructions. Improper use of an edge sander can create swirls in your wooden floor, which usually can’t be detected until after you apply hardwood floor stain and varnish.

Corner Sander

The corner sander is a handheld tool that you use to get into tight spots. This not only includes the corners of your room, but also hard-to-reach areas such as underneath the radiator. Even though the corner sander is one of the last hardwood floor sanding tools you’ll use for this project, it’s important that you take your time. Homeowners who are impatient with the sanding process often make costly mistakes that have to be fixed by a professional hardwood flooring contractor.

Shop Vacuum

While sanding hardwood floors, you will produce a lot of dust. This is why it’s important to make sure you vacuum as much as possible as you go. Using a rental shop vacuum will help eliminate how much hardwood floor dust travels to the rest of your home. To avoid having a big mess to clean up, we recommend you rent a shop vacuum to keep your work space as clean as possible.

Before you rent any floor sanding equipment, it’s important that you understand how to properly and safely use these powerful machines. If you have any questions about how to use our rental floor sanding equipment, be sure to ask our knowledgeable equipment and tool rental experts. Floor sanding equipment safety is important.

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