Party Tent Rental Company in Grand Rapids, MI

Just because there’s snow and ice outside, doesn’t mean you can’t plan an outdoor event. Keeping a rental party tent at a comfortable temperature for your guests isn’t an impossible task when you work with a rental company near you.

A party rental company like Sun Rentals will be able to offer a range of products to keep your tent toasty warm, such as heater and generator rentals.

Keep reading to learn how you can heat a party tent in the middle of a Michigan winter.

Rent a Frame Tent

Not all tent rentals are constructed the same. During the winter months, most people arrange for the event tent to be set up on a paved surface. After all, it’s much easier to plow a parking lot than it is to shovel snow off a lawn. For outdoor winter events, our tent rental company recommend renting a frame tent because it doesn’t require you drill holes into the frozen ground. For wedding tents, you may want to hide the frame tent’s metal support structure by strategically draping fabric for a romantic aesthetic.

Rent Space Heaters

When the weather outside is frightful, rent space heaters. It’s important that you get the right size heater so your guests don’t freeze. The staff at a rental company will be able to help you calculate what size heater you’ll need for the size party tent you have and the temperature outside. Keep in mind that it may make more sense to rent two small heaters (as opposed to one big one) so the space is heated evenly and efficiently. Again, an event rental company will be able to help you with this.

Make sure that you buy enough propane to keep your heaters running for the entire event. The worst thing that can happen during a winter event is for the event tent rental to start losing heat. Thankfully, space heaters can help you transform a party tent in the middle of a parking lot into an oasis from the cold.

Power Heaters with a Generator

A rental generator is used to bring electricity to places where electricity isn’t available. For example, a generator can be used to power the space heaters you’ll need for your outdoor party tent. When you rent a generator, make sure that you get the right size for how many space heaters you need to power.

Circulate Heat with Fans

While it may seem weird to use fans in the middle of winter, it will help regulate the temperature inside the tent rental. Since heat rises, you’ll want to position fans so that they circulate the warm air that rises to the tent’s ceiling. Make sure that you rent a tent that doesn’t have soaring ceilings. That way, all your heated air won’t be trapped near the ceiling where the fans can’t reach.

Sun Rentals is a Grand Rapids party rental company dedicated to helping people just like you plan the perfect party (no matter the season). If you are interested in our party tent rentals, as well as our equipment rentals, give us a call at (616) 454-8900.