How to Use a Stump Grinder Rental Grand Rapids, MI

Why pay a contractor for stump removal when you could save money doing it yourself? If you have more than one tree stump that needs to be removed, you’re better off renting a stump grinder. Tree stumps can take up to 10 years to rot. Thankfully, most rental companies offer stump grinders so you can clear your yard of eyesores and tripping hazards.

Trees have deep roots, which doesn’t change after the tree has been cut down. If the stump remains, you could have new sprouts that leach nutrients from the soil. If you can spare a weekend, it’s worth renting a tree stump grinder. Continue reading to learn how to use a stump grinder rental.

For tree stump removal, you’ll need:

  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Hardhat
  • Work boots
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Shovel
  • Chainsaw rental
  • Stump grinder rental
  • Screened topsoil
  • Grass seed

Check Your Local Rental Company

A stump grinder can weigh well over 1,000 pounds, which means you’ll need a vehicle with a trailer hitch to get it home. Alternatively, some rental companies can deliver lawn equipment to your home for a fee. Check with rental companies ahead of time to see if your truck or trailer is big enough to move the stump grinder.

Be Safe

 Before renting a tree stump grinder, make sure you have the proper eye and hearing protection. While removing the stump, there will be flying debris and sounds loud enough to cause hearing damage. A hardhat, work boots, and heavy work gloves will also be needed. If you need a demonstration of how to use the equipment rental, don’t hesitate to ask before you leave. A stump grinder rental (in the wrong hands) can be dangerous.

Prepare the Tree Stump

Check the base of the stump for rocks, which can dull the cutting wheel on your stump grinder. Once the rocks are removed, we recommend using a chainsaw rental to cut the stump as close to the ground as possible. That way, the stump grinder won’t have to cut through as much wood.

Position the Stump Grinder

Stump grinders are safe when used properly. Since the control panel is near the back of the machine, the likelihood of you getting injured from the cutting wheel is slim. Just make sure that you use the tree grinder as intended by always standing at the control panel. Using the hydraulic level, raise the cutting wheel until it’s hovering a few inches above the stump. Next, move the stump grinder forward so the wheel is at the front edge of the stump. 

Remove the Tree Stump

Once the stump grinder is properly positioned, turn on the cutting wheel and slowly lower it a few inches into the stump. Slowly move the cutter from side to side to remove the stump. You won’t be done until you have cut at least 4 inches below the ground’s surface. That way, you can be sure that you’ve removed the entire tree stump. Rake away debris and fill the hole with screened topsoil. Cover with grass seeds.

Sun Rentals in Grand Rapids offers stump grinders and other lawn equipment rentals so you can maintain a beautiful yard. To rent a stump grinder from us, call (616) 454-8900.