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Whether you are planning a corporate event or your own wedding, a party tent is a great idea to keep your guests sheltered from the elements. While we joke how you can always wait five minutes for the weather in Michigan to change, you can’t count on that when you have over a hundred guests getting drenched in a summer rainstorm. A party tent rental makes the best contingency plan.

Below are reasons why you should have already placed a hold on a party tent rental if you haven’t already.

Unpredictable Weather

While outdoor events are always intended to be spent under sunny skies, there’s nothing preventing a thunderstorm from brewing over Lake Michigan before making a beeline to your party or outdoor wedding. This is why it’s important to make sure you prepare for the worst by contacting an experienced party tent rental company while setting up your other party arrangements.

Believe us when we say you do not want to be the bride or event organizer who waits until the day of the party to worry about the weather. You could waste a lot of time calling around to find a party tent big enough on such short notice. Future brides and grooms may also have difficulty finding a tent suitable for a wedding since many party tents are used for church events, county fairs, or other informal events.

Designates Area for Event

If you are planning an outdoor eventat a large venue, your guests may not know where to go. A large party tent can help designate where the main event will be held. When guests are able to easily figure out where they need to go, everyone is happy. No one wants to hear that grandma got lost on the trek from the parking lot to your outdoor event.

As a precaution and to make sure everything goes smoothly on your special day, we recommend posting helpful signs that guide your guests to the correct destination. A professional wedding rental company might be able to offer signs and other rental party supplies.


Nothing can tire a person out more than having to stand out in the sun all day. If you are planning an event at an outdoor venue, it might be a good idea to set aside an area for people to relax in the shade. For example, a party tent for a family reunion might be the perfect place to set up tables for people to talk and eat potluck meals. For all-day events, a party tent without walls can provide much-needed shade to prevent heat exhaustion and let in any breeze.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are determined to plan an outdoor wedding in October, you better plan on renting a party tent. Party tents with walls allow you to heat the space as you would any indoor venue. If your event is scheduled for the evening hours, you’ll also want to plan for the temperature drop after the sun goes down.

Air conditioned party tents can be arranged if you expect high temperatures. For example, a July event may benefit from being held in a tent with portable air conditioning units or misting fans. You can’t always depend on the temperature and humidity to stay within a comfortable range.

If you are interested in our Grand Rapids party tent rentals, please feel free to give us a call at (616) 454-7982. Sun Rentals is proud to offer high-quality outdoor party tents for your special day.